NJOP is a regional network of people standing up for South Jersey and the Shore. We work together to pass policies that make life better for everyday people, change institutions, hold corporations accountable and ensure elected officials stand with us, their constituents.


What we do

We engage in community-powered solutions.  We activate, connect and train community members to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their daily lives and take action for real solutions.


How we started

On October 29th 2014, the 2 year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, nine Sandy survivors launched the “Finish the Job” campaign and the New Jersey Organizing Project.  We had to take action because on the two year anniversary of the storm,  New Jersey’s 1.1 billion dollar HUD funded program, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) was a well documented disaster, with less than 10% of participants back home.


What we’ve accomplished


We won the creation of a Rental Assistance Program, and then led a coalition of communities and elected officials to extend rental assistance for families still out of their homes.  That resulted in an additional investment of approximately fifteen million dollars in our families and communities, and a life-line to help many hold on until they’re home.

We worked with Senate President Sweeney to pass the Efficiency and Transparency in Sandy Recovery Spending Act

We worked with legislators, including the Shore Districts pass a bill to prevent foreclosures that passed with bi-partisan support but was conditionally vetoed by the Governor.



Amanda Devecka-Rinear, Director

Amanda is a fourth-generation Cedar Bonnet Island resident with more than 15 years experience in community organizing and strategic leadership.

She believes the uneven pace of Sandy recovery and underlying issues the storm exposed are critical challenges facing South Jersey and the Shore. She is certain that now is a crucial moment for determining the future of New Jersey communities and believes our actions here can have national implications.

Photo credit:  the Sandpaper)

Who is the NJOP?

Joe Mangino is a lifelong resident of the great state of South Jersey, the good Jersey.  He lives in Beach Haven West with his beautiful wife and two awesome daughters.  He is a small business owner, wedding officiant and a rec level coach in town.  He’s been active in Sandy relief and recovery since the moment the flood waters receded.  He is the co-founder of a community organization called S.T.A.R.T. (Stafford Teachers and Residents Together.  He was named the MTJ Foundation Humanitarian of the Year in 2013 and also received the Stafford Township Community Steward award.   His current focus with the NJOP is to get his family & the 15,000 other displaced families back into their homes.  He hopes to one day soon close the door on Sandy and get back to fishing, surfing and enjoying quality family time.


Lisa Stevens is a lifelong NJ resident who graduated from Stockton College and worked for the State for 25 years in Child Welfare.  She retired 10 months before Sandy and has spent the past 2 yrs, and 4 months trying to make sense of all the state and federal programs.  She put the house back together, only to now have to tear it down.  She is part of NJOP because she needed a way to bring Sandy survivors together for the common goal of getting people home and cutting the red tape.