Three years after Superstorm Sandy countless families are still struggling. Only 25% of the families in the state’s biggest homeowner recovery program (RREM) are home for good and just over $600 million of that $1.1 billion program have actually made it to families. 3 YEARS LATER!

It's up to us to finish the job by standing together and holding the state of New Jersey accountable.

People from across the state can hardly hang on due to the slow speed of the state's recovery.


We are calling on Governor Christie  to finish the job he was elected to do:


1. Support laws to stop foreclosures for families impacted by Sandy and give them at least one full year to get on their feet once they finally do get home.

2. Fully prepare our coast and statewide infrastructure for future storms, because folks are spending all they have to rebuild, and without protection they could lose it again.

3. Strengthen laws to hold contractors accountable and prevent them from taking advantage of families struggling to rebuild.

4. Provide rental assistance to all families coming up against the maximum temporary assistance while they pay rent and their mortgage.

It's been three years since Sandy. The state of the recovery in New Jersey is unacceptable.