The second battle of Trenton has drawn to a close.  We declare victory for the Sandy survivors still fighting to get home.

Over four days and three nights we withstood torrential rain and cold nights because we knew it was critical that we take control of the story about where we are three years after Sandy.  The Sandy 3 year anniversary belongs to us, and it was urgent that the whole country know thousands are still not home.

We took the fight to the steps of the statehouse and didn't back down. We called the Governor and administration out on inflated recovery numbers.  And Governor Christie had to retreat to Bergen County where he focused on business recovery not a “success” press conference with homeowners.

We succeeded in spreading the story through over 600 news articles that thousands still need help to get home afford to stay there.

Finally the support and encouragement our coalition received from not only our community members but also the people of Trenton was remarkable.



Three years after Hurricane Sandy, these families are still homeless.

Posted by Chasing News on Wednesday, October 28, 2015




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