Increasing Storms and Flooding Are Impacting Our Lives

BY FRAN BARONOWITZ Living near the shore has always had its moments of disaster.  There was the hurricane of 1944 that battered the Jersey shore.  Eighteen years later in 1962, 50 mph winds and 9 foot tides caused damage in Atlantic City and Margate.  In 1992, my son lost his car in an 8 foot Read More »

2018 Election Update

BY JOE MANGINO We created our very first endorsement committee and a decided to get involved in elections for the first time this year.  It was exciting to bring together NJOP members from across our region and party affiliation – thanks to the twelve people who served on the committee- to make a plan to put Read More »

Getting Back on Track to a Real Recovery

BY AMANDA DEVECKA-RINEAR Every one of you who took action this year should pat yourself on the back for the progress we made – from extending ICC funding for three more years, to a commitment from Governor Murphy for $50 million dollars available to families still struggling, and a freeze on clawbacks.  I am so Read More »

We need to do more to address the addiction crisis

BY HEATHER SHAPTER Addiction is crippling. Toward the end I was using against my will. I was scared to be sick and go through withdrawal, so I continued getting high. Eventually, I learned about the Methadone program in my community and made the decision to start going to treatment. At the time I was on Read More »

Happy 53rd Birthday Medicaid and Medicare!

BY LISA CAMPANELLA If you don’t have health insurance through your employer, you need the Affordable Care Act, also known as the ACA or Obamacare.  In New Jersey for over 1.74 million people, that often means Medicaid, the federal/state health care program that covers among others, children, those with disabilities, working families, people struggling with Read More »

Adventures in Sandyland:  Some clawback progress & ICC extension

BY AMANDA DEVECKA-RINEAR At just a little over halfway through 2018 we’ve made some progress.  First, as you may remember, back in May we won an extension of ICC funding so you have three more years to use up to $30,000 of your own insurance money to mitigate.  Yay! Read “Sandy victims get 3 more years to Read More »

Don’t Drill Off New Jersey

BY JOE MANGINO Why am I not surprised that the same people who think opening up nearly all US waters to offshore drilling would schedule a public hearing on Valentine’s Day?  Last week, even though it was my 21st wedding anniversary, I headed out to Hamilton on 2/14 with other NJOPers and excellent NJ organizations Read More »

A Call to Action

BY ROBIN BOTTINO At a time when the country is very divided and people are so polarized, what’s one to do? Get Involved! Last year I attended an NJOP Action Kick-Off event. I was shocked. It was a Saturday afternoon and the room was filled with people who were willing to work together for access Read More »

Clawbacks, Contractor Fraud and Foreclosures:  Winning Together in 2018

BY AMANDA DEVECKA-RINEAR We’re not known for giving up – and that’s because we don’t. On his last day of office, Governor Christie pocket vetoed the clawback legislation we’ve been working on together on since October 2016.  That guy.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Anyway, great news!  The Senate reintroduced the clawback legislation this Read More »