Our Stories – Sandy Foreclosure Protections

“The forbearance and foreclosure prevention bill has been a lifesaver for us. 6 1/2 years later we are still not home and have been struggling to pull together the necessary funding to rebuild our home while tackling the many obstacles that have come up along the way. Thankfully, because of the relief provided by the Read More »

Getting Back on Track to a Real Recovery

BY AMANDA DEVECKA-RINEAR Every one of you who took action this year should pat yourself on the back for the progress we made – from extending ICC funding for three more years, to a commitment from Governor Murphy for $50 million dollars available to families still struggling, and a freeze on clawbacks.  I am so Read More »

Adventures in Sandyland:  Some clawback progress & ICC extension

BY AMANDA DEVECKA-RINEAR At just a little over halfway through 2018 we’ve made some progress.  First, as you may remember, back in May we won an extension of ICC funding so you have three more years to use up to $30,000 of your own insurance money to mitigate.  Yay! Read “Sandy victims get 3 more years to Read More »

Clawbacks, Contractor Fraud and Foreclosures:  Winning Together in 2018

BY AMANDA DEVECKA-RINEAR We’re not known for giving up – and that’s because we don’t. On his last day of office, Governor Christie pocket vetoed the clawback legislation we’ve been working on together on since October 2016.  That guy.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Anyway, great news!  The Senate reintroduced the clawback legislation this Read More »

Fighting RREM Clawbacks

By LISA STEVENS As we approach the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, I wish that I could say that our communities are fully recovered, but we aren’t. Instead, there are countless problems faced by Sandy survivors across the Jersey Shore because of the RREM Program. Families are still not home and even survivors who have Read More »


We know you’re tired of paperwork and fighting. But when we fight, we win. First, let’s remember how we got here. We fought for YEARS to push the Governor to sign the Foreclosure Bill.  And then the Governor vetoed the bill. Here’s a photo of families who camped out across the street from the statehouse Read More »


We were founded in October 2014 by Sandy survivors fighting to get home.  Our actions and efforts have made a real impact.  Yet, we’re still fighting to make sure everyone is home and can afford to stay, while new problems have emerged. When Sandy hit the East Coast in October 2012 it caused 71 billion Read More »

Battle of Trenton, Sandy 3 year

NJOP DECLARES VICTORY IN 2ND BATTLE OF TRENTON! The second battle of Trenton has drawn to a close.  We declare victory for the Sandy survivors still fighting to get home. Over four days and three nights we withstood torrential rain and cold nights because we knew it was critical that we take control of the Read More »