Fight for flood fairness for NJ Families!

Join the action to fight for flood fairness for families by signing up below. What’s happening? FEMA is changing how it calculates risk “to provide more equity,” and is incorporating more risk variables based on individual properties.  These include: flood frequency multiple flood types—river overflow, storm surge, coastal erosion and heavy rainfall distance to a Read More »

Offshore Wind that Works for Us

We are already living with flooding and extreme weather – we need to act now to improve our infrastructure and transition to renewable energy like offshore wind power. We all want a state that’s cleaner, healthier, and more fair.  Offshore wind power is key to help us move away from polluting fossil fuels that worsen Read More »

Tipos de ayuda para la recuperación de tormentas

Tipos de ayuda para la recuperación de tormentas View in English » INSCRÍBASE AQUÍ PARA UNIRSE A NUESTRA LISTA DE ACCIONES Todos conectamos con FEMA Si bien tiene seguro o no – FEMA es un punto de partida clave para los sobrevivientes de una tormenta. Pueden ayudar con vivienda provisional y subvenciones adicionales, particularmente para Read More »

The kinds of storm recovery aid

The kinds of storm recovery aid Ver en español » join our action list We all connect with FEMA  Whether or not you have insurance – FEMA is a key starting place for storm survivors.  They can help with temporary housing and additional grants, particularly to cover gaps where there wasn’t insurance.  See the FEMA Read More »

Jersey City: No tenemos agua caliente, ¿qué hacemos?

Jersey City: No tenemos agua caliente, ¿qué hacemos? By James Rosenstein-Miembro de la Junta de NJO View in English » James y Staci Berger de HCDNNJ en Union City Cuando pegó la tormenta Ida, se inundó el sótano de mi edificio de apartamentos y los calentadores de agua de quedaron destruidos. Durante casi dos semanas Read More »

Jersey City: We don’t have hot water, so what’d we do?

Jersey City: We don’t have hot water, so what’d we do? By James Rosenstein-Hopkins, NJOP Board member Ver en español » James and Staci Berger from HCDNNJ in Union City When Ida hit, the basement of my apartment building flooded and the water heaters of my building were ruined. For almost two weeks to date, Read More »

Tips from Flood Survivors for Flood Survivors

Document everything and look for helpful documents: We know, you just walked into a gut punch of a wreck that was/is your home or business.  You want to find the baby pictures – grandmother’s wedding ring.  Maybe you just go into mode and start cleaning to help you cope.  But here’s the disaster survivor’s version Read More »

We need real COVID-19 Relief NOW

We need pandemic relief that meets the moment. The reality is if we want to put an end to this public health and economic crisis, Congress must send trillions of dollars out the door as soon as humanly possible. People need to work safely, pay the rent, they need to put food on the table. Read More »

Protecting our communities from storms in the COVID-19 era

By Alison Arne When Hurricane Irene hit New Jersey in 2011, my family evacuated from Western Atlantic County.  Because we lived inland, it came as a complete surprise when, in the middle of the night, first responders knocked on the door.  They told us that we didn’t have to go, but at a certain point Read More »

Offense and Defense as we face flooding and future storms

by Alison Arne Our focus for 2020 is ensuring our communities have the resources to prepare for rising seas and future storms and the power to make decisions that benefit us.  You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, and you don’t need to be a scientist to tell Read More »