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Hi, my name is __________________ and I am with the New Jersey Organizing Project, a community group started by disaster survivors to look out for each other. Is __________ available? Many of us are facing big challenges right now, and so we’re reaching out to connect with our communities because it is important we look out for each other. Are you or someone you love being impacted by COVID-19? 

(If they ask about NJOP, here’s what we tell them: New Jersey Organizing Project is a grassroots organization made up of people like you – we stand up for New Jersey’s Shore regions and South Jersey.  We connect with community members to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their daily lives. This has included Sandy recovery, quality healthcare our families deserve and being prepared for future storms and frequent flooding.)

Care Track

  1. (story tied to community). How are you holding up? What does life look like for you right now?
  2. What are you most concerned about for your family and community?
  3. We set up a website that helps people impacted by COVID navigate where the resources the need may be located. Is it ok if I send you the links that address [whatever the community member may have referred to- unemployment, utilities, food ect.] CovidNJ.com

Covid Only ACTION Ask

ASK: If they are impacted or interested in COVID:  On Fridays, we have a virtual meeting where we bring community members together to share how we’re doing, like this, and get information on programs, policies, and action.  Would you like to join us on NEXT CALL AND TIME?  [if yes, click here to register them with this link]

Transition Questions

  1. I shared a bit about why I’m a community captain and reaching out, and that’s because even before COVID, I/my community was already struggling with a disaster. Before this, we had been working on three key things: getting Sandy families home, preparing our communities for flooding and future storms, and ending the overdose crisis and making sure anyone anywhere has affordable healthcare and medication. Are any of those disasters you were facing before COVID?
Go with strongest response/reaction down a track using the cone of curiosity, but note all if there is more than one. Utilize the guide below if you get stuck or need help navigating the conversation you’re having, but don’t feel obligated to ask all of these questions. Again lean into the cone of curiosity:

Substance Use / Overdose

We were already facing a public health crisis before COVID-19, the overdose crisis. Have you or someone you love been personally impacted by addiction and/or the overdose crisis?

How have you been impacted?

Why do you think that we’re facing an overdose crisis?

How can we end the overdose crisis?

Access to Meds / Rx Drug Pricing

For many of us, the high cost of prescription drugs can be a barrier to taking care of our health. We’ve heard many stories from our members about this. Do you or a loved one struggle to afford any of your prescription medications?

What kind of medicines are you struggling to afford? How much does that medicine cost per month?

Does the high cost of your prescription force you to go without it? Or to make tough decisions in order to afford it?

In your opinion, why do you think that prescription drug pricing is so high for many medicines we need?

How can we make prescription drugs more affordable?

Climate Change / Flooding

Do you experience flooding and bad storms?

Why do you think we are getting more flooding and storms/worse flooding and storms? 

What solutions would you like to see to mitigate flooding and climate change impacts.

 IF Green/Renewable Energy comes up:  Did you know NJ has ambitious offshore wind goals?  What do you think of that?


Mandatory Ask

Substance Use / Overdose

ASK: Together we’re working to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for causing the overdose crisis accountable for the harms they’ve caused. Will you sign our petition demanding that these companies pay an opioid profiteers tax in NJ   opens in a new windowSign the pledge.  

opens in a new windowhttps://bit.ly/OpioidTaxC

Access to Meds / Rx Drug Pricing

ASK: Together we’re working to stand against Pharma’s price gouging by breaking up their monopoly power to set drug prices however high they want. Will you sign our pledge to stand with us in ensuring everyone can afford the medicines they need to be healthy?  opens in a new windowSign the pledge.  

opens in a new windowhttps://bit.ly/LDPNpledgeC

Climate Change / Flooding

ASK: We know that NJ is vulnerable to sea level rise and that changes have to be made to protect our communities from future storms. Will you sign the pledge to call for action that includes offshore wind that works for our communities and adaptation that protects our communities from flooding? opens in a new windowSign the pledge.

opens in a new windowhttps://bit.ly/ShorekeeperC

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