Dos nuevos proyectos de ley sobre la recuperación de tormentas en 2023

De las grandes victorias de Ida al mayor Sandyversario que hemos tenido hasta ahora, ha sido un año increíble para nuestro Equipo Organizador sobre Tormentas. ¡Y tenemos mucho entusiasmo por continuar la lucha en 2023! Actualmente, estamos trabajando en dos nuevos proyectos de ley para avanzar con la recuperación de Sandy e Ida.

Of Whales and Wind: A Spate of Deaths Prompts Concerns

Of Whales and Wind: A Spate of Deaths Prompts Concerns | | January 18, 2023 By Bob Hennelley  Several of New Jersey’s leading environmental groups urged the Murphy administration not to consider the recent discovery of four dead whales on the Jersey shore since December as grounds to shut down underwater survey work required Read More »

Three new bills for storm recovery in 2023

From big Ida wins to the biggest Sandyversary we’ve had so far, it’s been an amazing year for our Storm Organizing team. And we’re so excited to continue the fight in 2023! Right now, we’re working on two new bills to move things forward for both Sandy and Ida recovery.

We need real COVID-19 Relief NOW

We need pandemic relief that meets the moment. The reality is if we want to put an end to this public health and economic crisis, Congress must send trillions of dollars out the door as soon as humanly possible. People need to work safely, pay the rent, they need to put food on the table. Read More »

Letter: Be Prepared

Letter: Be Prepared by Chuck Griffin, Sandpaper 10/28/20 To the Editor: We need to accept that COVID-19 makes everything more difficult. Schools, work, groceries … everything has become a challenge. We also need to accept that climate change is a reality. New Jersey has been experiencing more severe weather every year, and we know it is Read More »