Increase access to addiction medicines

Increase access to addiction medicines / Letter to the Editor, When you last heard from me, I called on Congress to stop sitting on a bill to save lives. I’m thrilled that the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act was finally passed out of a House committee in May. It may move for a floor Read More »

We need real COVID-19 Relief NOW

We need pandemic relief that meets the moment. The reality is if we want to put an end to this public health and economic crisis, Congress must send trillions of dollars out the door as soon as humanly possible. People need to work safely, pay the rent, they need to put food on the table. Read More »

Not One More

REGISTER NOW Before we were facing the COVID-19 pandemic, New Jerseyans were facing another disaster – the overdose crisis. And now amid COVID-19, we are experiencing an uptick in overdose deaths across New Jersey and the US. In just the first few months of 2020, New Jersey has seen an increase in overdose deaths by Read More »