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opens in a new windowLetter:  Family Still Not Home for the Holidays

Asbury Park Press

We wish we had been home for Christmas. I have to admit that we are having a nice holiday with family, friends, parties and so forth. But there is such a big piece missing with not being in our own home. It’s more than two years since superstorm Sandy and we still can’t enjoy the comfort of having a home of our own.

We have tried to keep on top of the paperwork since day one. Sometimes the notifications seem to be intentionally tedious and confusing. You would think that with so many people in crisis in New Jersey that the state could streamline the paperwork.

Money was raised and earmarked immediately after the storm. Should it take more than two years to disburse these funds? People are either living with friends and family or “camping out” in their own homes with cots and folding chairs. This is pretty sad, and it gets more depressing as the months go by.

There was a state program called the Sandy Homeowners and Renters Assistance Program (SHRAP), but even that closed as of June 30 of this year.

Please take a few minutes to look at http://www.finishthejobnj.com where you will find a petition that you can sign to help us. Or call 609-246-3229 to find other ways that you can get involved.

Chuck Griffin

Little Egg Harbor

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