Many Victims Of Sandy Still Homeless, Almost 4 Years Later

opens in a new windowMany Victims Of Sandy Still Homeless, Almost 4 Years Later – By David Madden, CBS Philly

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) – Next weekend marks the 4th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy striking the New Jersey shoreline with its aftermath still being felt today.

Those who have fought to make ravaged homeowners whole begin an effort to determine just how far the state has come in recovery and what still needs to be done.

It’s thought that half of the 8,000 families who sought help from the government are still in rebuilding mode. And yes, there has been progress. How much is up for debate.

Enter the New Jersey Organizing Project which begins what it terms the “Sandy Truth Project” with a volunteer canvass that starts in Atlantic City.

“It’s been four years,” NJOP spokeswoman Amanda Devecka-Rinear told KYW Newsradio. “It’s time for us to go back and connect with Sandy survivors in communities, find out what are the struggles and what do we need to continue fight for so that families can afford to get home and can afford to stay once they get there.”

People at Rutgers and Stockton University are working to develop the survey and to train those volunteers on how to conduct it. Among those helping out is Krista Sterber of Belmar. She was kept out of her home for three years before government assistance finally came through.

“It’s so important that even though I’m home now that I continue to help fight just because my problems may be solved,” Sterber said. “There’s thousands that are still struggling in this state and we have to help.”

The group is also collecting information on line and on the phone, with hopes to get at least 500 responses before the end of the year.
Victims who wish to participate can go opens in a new windowhere or call 609-312-3899.