Tell Your State Reps: Get storm survivors home–and let them stay.

​Everyone deserves a full and fair recovery. We need a mortgage forbearance and aid that covers all of us, so storm survivors can get home and stay home.  ​ In the decade between Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Ida, survivors are struggling to get home and whole. We know best what’s broken with our disaster recovery Read More »

What’s the story with FEMA’s Ida Rental Assistance?

What’s the story with FEMA’s Ida Rental Assistance? After natural disasters like Hurricane Ida, FEMA typically provides an initial rental assistance payment for those displaced from their homes by the storm, as well as up to 18 months more of rental assistance for people who remain displaced.  If you’re wondering, “What gives? I’ve never even Read More »

Was your insurance claim underpaid or denied? Learn how to self advocate

Was your insurance claim underpaid or denied? Learn how to self advocate Storm survivors need and deserve flood insurance that works for us, not against us. We’re still working to make that a reality. BUT, in the meantime, there are resources out there to support you as you navigate insurance. The American Policyholder Association (APA) Read More »

Dos nuevos proyectos de ley sobre la recuperación de tormentas en 2023

De las grandes victorias de Ida al mayor Sandyversario que hemos tenido hasta ahora, ha sido un año increíble para nuestro Equipo Organizador sobre Tormentas. ¡Y tenemos mucho entusiasmo por continuar la lucha en 2023! Actualmente, estamos trabajando en dos nuevos proyectos de ley para avanzar con la recuperación de Sandy e Ida.

Two new bills for storm recovery in 2023

From big Ida wins to the biggest Sandyversary we’ve had so far, it’s been an amazing year for our Storm Organizing team. And we’re so excited to continue the fight in 2023! Right now, we’re working on two new bills to move things forward for both Sandy and Ida recovery.

VICTORIA para las familias de Ida: ¡$149 millones más en fondos de recuperación!

¡Los sobrevivientes de Ida de Nueva Jersey recibirán $149 millones adicionales en fondos federales para la recuperación de nuestra comunidad! Este aumento de la Subvención en Bloque para Desarrollo Comunitario – Recuperación de Desastres (CDBG-DR) asignada para la recuperación de Ida en NJ aumenta el total a $377 millones para que los sobrevivientes regresen a casa y se recuperen.