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opens in a new windowBy Alison Arne – Voice of the People, Oct. 3, 2018: Glad to get Medicaid

Before I became a mom, I worked two jobs to cover student loans. I didn’t worry about not having health insurance, even after a $4,000 emergency room bill. Motherhood changed that. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I qualified under the expansion of Medicaid.

In a perfect world my daughter would only need well visits. In the real world she has already had one eye surgery. I remember spending weeks terrified of the anesthesia, the cutting of her eye muscles. She never saw that fear. I was able to suppress my fears because I didn’t worry about it being a financial burden I couldn’t handle. No patient or loved one should have to worry about high costs during a medical crisis, yet millions of households are forced to every day.

When I hear about possible ACA repeal, block grants and privatization, I worry for my family and the millions of other families who need quality, affordable care. Through the New Jersey Organizing Project, I learned that collectively we can protect what matters to us from our coastline to our medical coverage. The project will celebrate its victories at its first convention in October.

Alison Arne

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