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NJOP response – Version 3 3.16.2020 (We will do our best to update this as we are able, but please note the date for how current the information is.)


Don't Panic - prepare. 1. stay connected online by downloading zoom & outvote, 2. stay updated and spread accurate information on how to be prepared. 3. Get supplies together and look out for each other

Our organization was founded by disaster survivors. Two things are true.  One – many times when we’re warned about disasters we dodge the bullet and disaster doesn’t strike.  Two – that one time when we don’t dodge the bullet many people are underprepared both in the moment, and for the long term health and economic consequences. 

We have come to understand that disasters show up in all shapes and sizes.  That’s why we started to work for quality affordable healthcare & medication for all of us, and that we address the overdose crisis impacting so many of our neighbors and loved ones.  We know when disaster hits, it is up to us to make sure regular folks don’t suffer while corporations and the politically connected gain from our pain.   

New Jersey declared a state of emergency yesterday to be able to better respond to the threats posed by COVID-19, or the coronavirus.  None of us know how this will play out, but we do know it pays to have a plan and to be prepared. 

Here’s how we’re asking you to be prepared: 

1.  Please download Zoom and Outvote – either on  your phone or your desktop. These apps will let us communicate with each other and still take action even if we can’t meet in person!  

We’re going to need to stay in touch.  First – the problems we’re currently working to address – clawbacks, flooding, overdose – they’re not going away.  We need to move forward. Second – we could face some challenges as we respond to COVID-19/coronavirus. We know we have to take on these challenges together.  We are STRONGLY encouraging people to download two apps, either on your phone or desktop – so we can do the work we need to remotely

Zoom can be used on your smartphone, computer or both. To get Zoom on your phone just go to your App/Google Store on your phone, search Zoom and download. From there you can sign up using your email address or Facebook, up to you. To use Zoom on your computer, follow this link and then you can sign up there. Zoom can be used as just a “call” where you use your phone and no video but using the video makes the meetings feel a bit more in person so we want to encourage you to use the video option if and when you can.

OutVote can also be used from a computer, smartphone or both. The computer version allows you to email your contacts about action and share stories and information back to us.  The phone app lets you get push alerts from us about action, send stories and videos straight from your phone to us, and pass on alerts to people in your contacts.  To use OutVote on your  opens in a new windowphone you can get set up with this link. The app will get sent to your phone and you can sign up via email or Facebook. To use OutVote on the computer  opens in a new windowuse this link to sign up. If you need support setting up your account email us at  opens in a new  It takes a couple steps to do it, we think it will be worth it. 

Stay tuned – video instructions coming soon! We think these will be great tools to stay connected.

2.  Stay updated and spread accurate information on how to be prepared.  

COVID-19 Preparation and Protection

3.  Get supplies together & and look out for each other

Stock up on a two week supply of food, water, prescription and non-prescription drugs AND grab 1 or 2 (not a million, hoarding will not help) extra items for a neighbor who might need it, or if we need to collect and distribute relief items.  

WORST case scenario – you have extra stuff and we’ll work to make sure it gets to folks who will make supply runs when the next Harvey hits.  

  1. Pick up some extra foods like canned goods, dry pasta, and peanut butter.
  2. Have soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, fever reducers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen on hand.
  3. Make sure you have a supply of prescription medication if you’re on prescription medication.  
  4. And of course, any special stuff like diapers, wipes, formula or pet food.  

Do you know of neighbors who might need a hand?  Reach out. Stay in touch. Well, not literal touch, no touching.  But, you know what I mean! And you can stay in touch with us on Outvote and Zoom.  

Here are the places you can stay updated about the the state of things in New Jersey:

Here’s the Department of Health home page for COVID19:


24/7 Public Hotline (available in multiple languages) 1800 222-1222 or if calling from an out of state area code call 1800 962-1253

Email questions can go to

Department of Education school closure updates:

Here’s the Governor’s website link directly to press releases for updated info:

The Governor’s You Tube channel live streams the daily press conferences:

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