COVID-19: Communities Coming Together

When times are tough our communities inspire me to keep on keeping on. With everything happening – I want to thank everyone single one of you who took the time to answer our survey and for your additional comments and thoughtful responses.

Because SO many of you told us we could play a role in sharing information and probably taking action – we went into sprint mode. And so, I proudly present our new COVID-19 info (and maybe action) website. Click here to view. We worked to put together information based on what you told us you were most concerned about, and while things are changing quickly and we will do our best to keep updating, this is a start.

Link to our CoronaVirus Website

I cannot tell you the number of times after Sandy that people told us they hadn’t heard about a program that would have made a huge difference in their lives, or that it was very hard to find centralized trusted information. So. We’re doing our best to make sure that doesn’t happen on our watch.

A few updates about our work:

While our office is closed, we are continuing to work and meet virtually so you can still reach us via phone or email and if you download Outvote and follow us on FB, you’ll get updates more quickly.  

Moving forward, we will be working to make sure our communities come together and get what they need during this medical superstorm.  

AND we are continuing the work we have been doing because the problems we’re currently working to address – clawbacks, flooding, overdose – are not going away. And we know we could face some challenges as we respond to COVID-19.

Just bear with us as we figure out how we’re doing it.  

Once again, click here to view our new coronavirus Information website.

Thanks for inspiring us every day.

Amanda Devecka-Rinear,

Executive Director of New Jersey Organizing Project

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