As a person in long-term recovery (almost 30 years!), it is a gift to pay it forward, in service and with radical compassion towards all. And, as the founding Executive Director of opens in a new windowSea Change Recovery Community Organization, it is my sole purpose to provide unhindered, unconditional recovery support so that it can be accessed without barriers and trusted to be in the best interest of those who are suffering or wanting to build recovery capital.

I’ve seen first hand, the loss of life and the trauma loved ones have had to face due to a lack of unconditional compassion and reliable care. All too often, barriers, criminalization and stigma keep people from getting the help they so justly deserve. I’ve seen organizations profit off recovery at the expense of valued human lives. I am committed to providing a frontline of trusted resources that aren’t doing that and holding accountable those who are not acting in the best interest of people caught up in this health crisis.

I am committed to NJOP and Not One More NJ as a member and a leader because I believe that TOGETHER we can and we WILL demand and achieve transparency and accountability of those who are not serving selflessly. We can and we WILL create systems of care that work in the best interest of all individuals and loved ones who’ve been impacted by substance use disorder. The opposite of addiction is connection and through connection we can make real systemic change in the recovery ecosystem.

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