The $641 million that New Jersey is receiving in opioid settlement funds is starting to make its way to our communities. All 21 counties in the state are entitled to receive funding, as well as all hundreds of cities and towns. Is yours one of them? 

Here’s how you can find out – and learn exactly how much money your town is receiving. 

New Jersey has committed to publicly reporting 100% of where and how the settlement funds are used. But, figuring out where to find this information is usually a lot easier said than done. Luckily, there are some great resources out there to help us keep track of what’s happening so far.

First up, Christine Minhee’s Opioid Settlement Tracker is keeping a close eye on where these funds are going all across the country. Along with Vital Strategies, an organization focused on public health, they have created guides on how much money each state is receiving, how it’s tracked and reported on, and what approach the states are taking to spending it. Here’s the guide for New Jersey

Kaiser Family Foundation’s Aneri Pattani has also been reporting on the settlement money as well as the Opioid Settlement Councils across the country charged with making recommendations about how they get spent – you can follow the ongoing story here.

Most recently, KFF health news has obtained documents from the firm that’s administering the settlements. This is where you can find out, down to the cent, exactly how much money your town has received so far. Just scroll down to New Jersey, click the link to view each PDF, and look for your town on the list (it’s in alphabetical order). Note that this is only what’s been allocated as of April 2023, so more money will be coming over the next few years. 

It’s up to us to make sure these funds go towards what they’re meant for: real, accessible, evidence-based solutions. So many of our communities in New Jersey are on the frontlines of an ever-worsening overdose crisis, and have experienced firsthand the harm that these companies, many of which are based here in New Jersey, have caused by fueling overdose rates and putting profits over people. 

Want to join us? Not One More is following where these funds go in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, and we could always use some more hands on deck. If you’re interested in attending state and county council meetings, helping us get more information on the settlement funds, or fighting to ensure they go towards the solutions we need to see, reach out to us at [email protected].

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