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Tell your Reps: Invest in our Families!

Congress is debating historic infrastructure investments right now in care, jobs, and resources to prepare our communities for flooding and future storms. We need to make sure our elected officials understand our communities’ priorities and that we bring these critical investments home. Take action now by signing our petition below!

We want to know that we are leaving our children and future generations thriving communities. Congress’s expansion of the Child and Earned Income Tax Credits were welcome starts. But now that these programs are in place, our leaders should take the bold and necessary step to make them permanent. At the same time we love where we live and believe our frontline communities deserve to have a say in how we adapt to rising seas – we are the experts.

Now more than ever – we need the kind of investments we have been calling for for the last 9 years since Sandy so that ALL of our communities can be better prepared for flooding and extreme storms.  

We are not asking for much, just what families and our communities need. And there are *lots* more critical investments in the plan, we’re just highlighting some of our priorities:

  • We need to extend the Child Tax Credit and EITC. The Child Tax Credit cuts child poverty in half and gives parents a chance to breathe. Families continue to struggle and children are affected by those struggles – we need a tax code that favors families, not Wall St. corporations. 
  • We need major infrastructure investments to prepare our homes, businesses, and communities for flooding and extreme weather.  Every $1 we invest in mitigation saves $6 in disaster recovery, and there’s no price tag we can put on the pain and heartache we save.  
  • Corporations have gotten tax cuts for too long now and sometimes pay little to no taxes while the tax burden falls on working families. Corporations need to pay their fair share.

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