Finish the Job: Forgive Sandy Clawbacks

It’s been almost 9 long years since Superstorm Sandy. In those years, some of us were able to get home, others lost their homes forever, and some of us are still fighting to get home.

Many are home but being asked to pay back funding they received by the state grant program RREM. Both individual homeowners and municipalities have been hit with “clawbacks,” which are the result of a broken and outdated disaster recovery system – not failings on the part of individual New Jerseyans.

Sandy survivors need our representatives to Finish the Job and give Sandy families closure. Allow us to heal and move forward with our lives by ending clawbacks now. Sign our petition below!

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  1. 1 ann D cordero says:

    I am hoping that this includes the people who we’re forced to pay back which entailed $33,000 from the sale of our home.

  2. 1 Mary says:

    Not only for claw backs, but to help homeowners’ get back in their homes with the supplemental funding that was given the state more than a year ago. That funding was one of the purposes earmarked for the supplemental grant the state received. This is from 2018 “Murphy Pledges $50M to Sandy Homeowners Still Rebuilding”
    I would like to know where I can apply for this funding.

  3. 1 Peter Marino says:

    I’m turning 94 in Nov. 2021, I don’t know how much longer I will have to deal with this issue. The majority of the extra money I had to use was for 45 ft. of ruined foundation that they missed on the initial estimate of my damages. They said because I didn’t have a picture of it that they wouldn’t allow it . Despite over $50,000 of construction bills that I submitted above the original RREM money. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of in my life. I sincerely hope they do something soon.

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