Let’s Get Sandy Families Home

It’s been 8 long years since Superstorm Sandy. In those years, some of us were able to get home, others lost their homes forever, and some of us are still fighting to get home.

Two years ago, on the 6th Sandy Anniversary, we stood with Governor Murphy as a new $50 million supplemental funding program for Sandy Survivors who were not home was announced. We celebrated, hugged, danced and cried together. We thought this was what was needed to finally cross the finish line and get everybody home. Yet, we are now at the 8th Sandy Anniversary and Sandy Survivors are still not home.

We know it’s possible to get everybody home, but we need your help. Sign our petition to tell Governor Murphy to get the Supplemental funding flowing to Sandy Survivors who desperately need it to finally move their projects forward. And make sure they have real mortgage or rental assistance to help them get there since they lost their rental assistance starting in August.

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  1. 1 John Passarella says:

    Too bad you people couldn’t fight hard enough to keep me from losing my home due to foreclosure, especially since I received a certificate of forbearance from the NJ State Legislature making it unlawful for my home to be foreclosed on by the bank( Carrington Mortgage).

  2. 1 LESLIE S. LONG says:

    How many families are still not home after Superstorm Sandy in LEH? How many homeowners still struggle paying for Superstorm Sandy damage even after having full home value flood coverage? My contractor stole between $60k-90k and used another $60k-90k of my money to build a structure that needed to be rebuilt (yes he was licensed and insured with references). He did the same thing to 3 of us that I know of and yet he wasn’t prosecuted. I am sure he has more victims also. The level of fraud that became acceptable after this is off the charts. Does current data exist on these topics? How many contractor complaints of theft or fraud went unprosecuted? Thank you

  3. 1 Catherine Cummings says:

    Increase cost of complacency ICC
    The insurance company has told me I don’t qualify for ICC. I have a damage letter from township and permits. They keep telling I don’t have enough damage. Please governor Murphy changes this law from Fema anyone living in a flood zone should ICC.

  4. 1 Dorothy Wagener says:

    How many of us are still not home?

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