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opens in a new windowLetter: Be Prepared by Chuck Griffin, Sandpaper 10/28/20

To the Editor:

We need to accept that COVID-19 makes everything more difficult. Schools, work, groceries … everything has become a challenge.

We also need to accept that climate change is a reality. New Jersey has been experiencing more severe weather every year, and we know it is only a matter of time before we have yet another disaster. Over the last few years named storms in the Atlantic have increased in both number and severity. Our own Superstorm Sandy was only eight years ago, and many of us in New Jersey have still not yet fully recovered.

Another superstorm during COVID would be terrible. We shouldn’t wait to see if this happens. We need to prepare now and hope for the best. Residents of the Jersey Shore are experts on these matters because we have experienced both.

We need to prepare for future storms and everyday flooding. Many homes have been elevated, but so many have not. We need to encourage our politicians to improve our infrastructure. This would be expensive, but it is vital for us to preserve the life that we enjoy along the Jersey Shore.

My wife, her mother and I stayed in a crowded shelter during Sandy. Social distancing wasn’t possible. We wouldn’t want to do that again during COVID-19. If our homes and communities are more resilient, the need to evacuate is reduced.

With more people indoors during the cold months, protective measures are more important than ever. Keep extra masks and hand sanitizer in your cars. Don’t wait until there is a run on grocery stores to stock up.

Most important is when the government gives us storm warnings, don’t wait until the last minute to protect your family.

We cannot wait until the next disaster to think about protecting our families and communities. Are we all prepared for another superstorm? Do we all use best practices to prevent COVID?

Now is the time to address these issues, before it is too late. Join us online Oct. 29 at 12:30 to commemorate the eight-year anniversary of Sandy. Sign up at njorganizing.us/sandy8year.

Chuck Griffin

Little Egg Harbor

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