Over these eight years we have experienced so much as an organization and won so many things, including rental assistance programs, a Mortgage forbearance, and supplemental funding. But Sandy families are still struggling to get home, and most of our communities are no better prepared for storms and rising seas than we were in 2012. opens in a new windowJoin us on October 29th at 12:30pm for a virtual event celebrating how far we’ve come and acknowledging the challenges we continue to face. Click here to register on zoom:

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“Being a victim of disaster is extremely stressful but it can also be very lonely because the only people that understand what we are going through are other disaster victims. They understand that through no fault of our own, our world has been turned upside down.” – Beth from Ventnor City

Beth is finally getting the opportunity to move forward with her construction and if all works as planned she will be home soon.

However, Sandy families who are still not home will soon lose the rental assistance they have had to pay for their home away from home while they rebuild.  Having a home to shelter in place is more important now that we are living with COVID.  Many families will have nowhere to go or no way to pay if they lose their rentals just as they are conquering the final hurdles on their rebuilding projects.  

Join us October 29th as we come together to celebrate those who are home, reflect on the battle to get home, and hold up those who haven’t made it home yet. opens in a new windowClick here to register.

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