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opens in a new windowNavigating next steps and FEMA for victims of Tropical Storm Ida / NJ Spotlight News / 9/17/2021

By Leah Mishkin, Correspondent

After experiencing a disaster that wipes out everything you once knew, it’s tough to know where to start

Homeowners in New Jersey looking to rebuild after Tropical Storm Ida are being told to beware of

Neighborhoods hit hard by Tropical Storm Ida are now well into the daunting process of assessing the damage. They are beginning to rebuild and searching for all the help they can get. As of Sept. 17, FEMA approved more than 2,700 individual assistance applications. The federal agency has also doled out more than $11 million in aid.

There are a labyrinth of options available for victims of the storm, but how do you navigate them while under such stress?

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