NJ residents sit tight for approximately $10 million in FEMA aid


More than a year after Tropical Storm Ida battered New Jersey, FEMA is providing $10 million to help fortify the state against future storms. That money will be focused on Manville, a flood-prone borough still working to recover from the storm, where many residents have been forced to decide whether to pay to elevate their homes or take buyouts and leave.

But many say the delay in actually receiving funds is frustrating. “We have programs that are supposed to be in place, to help us survivors of all this. But it’s too late. It’s like, here we are a year later and we’re, ‘Oh, now we’ll talk about buy-out. Now we’ll talk about elevation.’ We needed this stuff then, we needed people to work on this stuff then, not a year later,” said one Manville resident.

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