Tell Your State Reps: Get storm survivors home–and let them stay.


​Everyone deserves a full and fair recovery. We need a mortgage forbearance and aid that covers all of us, so storm survivors can get home and stay home.  ​

In the decade between Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Ida, survivors are struggling to get home and whole. We know best what’s broken with our disaster recovery system – and we know how to fix it.

Here’s what’s broken: Ida families are still waiting on the crucial aid they need to rebuild their lives after the storm, while 2,000 Sandy families are still locked in financial limbo by “clawback” recoupments. Meanwhile, mortgage forbearance, a lifeline to help survivors  who can’t live in their homes or are paying rent and a mortgage, is not guaranteed.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Here’s how we fix it: Take our common-sense solutions and make them law. We’re fighting to pass two bills that would do exactly that. 

  • The Disaster Appropriation Bill will cover urgent recovery needs for both Ida and Sandy survivors. We’re asking the state for $100 million more in rental assistance, reimbursement, and more flexible funding for Ida, and $70 million to finally forgive Sandy clawbacks.
  • The Mortgage Forbearance Bill will allow us the time and money we need to regain much-needed stability while our damaged homes are repaired. New Jerseyans impacted by storms and flooding should not be forced to choose whether to feed our families or keep a roof over our heads. We’ve made this happen before for Superstorm Sandy – now Ida survivors deserve a fair shake too. 

Want details? Dig in over here: opens in a new windowTwo new bills for storm recovery in 2023 – NJOP 

We gain strength by standing together, and that’s exactly what we will do. Tell your representatives that these solutions matter to you. We win because everyday people who are busy, tired, and stressed, who are dealing with a broken disaster recovery system jump in the ring and say ‘this stops with us.’

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  1. 1 James Russo says:

    after 10years or more its time to give me my home back and for give the clawback that i have proved over and over again that i do not owe you James N Russo

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