Keep families Home for the Holidays.

As the holiday season approaches us, families are still struggling to keep a roof over their heads. The Covid pandemic has impacted New Jersayans to extreme levels and the numbers are once again on the rise.

It’s hard enough to survive the times we are living in but now we have to explain to our families why the holidays will not be joyous. Ten of thousands of New Jersey families are being forced to make hard decisions on which bills to pay every month including how to keep a roof over their heads due to no fault of their own. Months have passed with no relief in sight and we are now on the second wave of the Covid pandemic. 

We ask that you stand with New Jerseyans and send a letter to your state representative demanding that the opens in a new window S2340  Housing Protection Bill be passed this year and on the Governor’s desk before January’s rent and mortgage payments are due.

Please help keep some in Joy our Holiday Season.

For more about Joe and Carlos,  opens in a new windowclick here to read their full testimonies.

Click here to visit our COVID-19 info site on the response in NJ and how to navigate this crisis.

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  1. 1 Deborah Larmer says:

    No one should lose their homes !

  2. 1 Robert Robins says:

    I’m being forced out in need of senior housing

    1. Hi Robert – there is a rental assistance program opening up applications on July 6th. More info here:

      If you have more questions, reply here again and one of our staff will reach out via email next week.

  3. 1 Miriam says:

    Our Bank First Citizens Bank, has no mercy interest late fees , 2 months of mortgage 2 houses bc I have ended up paying our elderly parents, house insurance on& on & on they have not cut one break thru this entire fall down Virus. One thing I have plenty of is tears. Have taken a job paying minimum wage but it is not how I built a lifestyle built it on the jobs we had prior to the virus. DROWNING IN HOUSE PAYMENTS & HomeOwner Insurance HELP

    1. Hi Miriam, Check out this section on our website for some information about current forbearances:
      Let me know by replying here if you want one of our staff to reach out and discuss this further.

  4. 1 Joe Dickerson says:

    It’s not just renters. Car Insurance and bills. Everyone wants back pay for your bills. Where is the compassion, consideration and love for thou neighbor…..

  5. 1 Kathryn Miraglia says:

    Are no public school teachers who aren’t teaching now, eligible for financial aid due to the pandemic and lack of work available?

    1. If the teacher has a contract to return to school in the fall, and is just on summer recess, probably no unemployment. However, does the teacher earn substantial money in another job during the recess? Then could be eligible for even partial unemployment. For more details visit the Division of Unemployment’s “Information for teachers & other school employees” page here:

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