Understanding the NFIP

BREAKING NEWS: The Senate just passed an extension of the NFIP: it has been extended until November 21st. We live to fight another day for the NFIP we deserve – no bad changes to the program – but no good ones either, and nothing to help us with FEMA’s administrative changes that would raise our insurance rates.

In the past, the program has chronically underpaid homeowners, while Mortgage lenders and Flood Insurance companies gain from our communities’ loss. On top of that, insurance has become hard for many of us to afford, and flood maps are so outdated and inaccurate that many people don’t even realize they are at risk.  

There are competing bills in Congress right now, and they have until September 30th to reauthorize the program *again*.  The Waters Bill (HR 3167) could lead to 18 – 25% increases in flood insurance, which would lead to rates doubling every four years. The NFIP-Re, or HR 3872 learns lessons from Sandy and other disasters and we support it. 

We must have a program that puts frontline families before Big Banks, Big Insurance and Big Developers. 

Here is the presentation that describes the differences between the competing bills:


Sign our petition for a Flood Insurance that puts our communities first. 


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  1. 1 Marita Vinci says:

    I have been paying for flood insurance each year, but my home is not complete, not able to live there. I can’t drop this because I have a mortgage, after dealing with contractor fraud and the court system I hope to see justice in affordable flood program . Please remember those who want to get home , and afford all the insurance payments that are required . Appreciate your time and consideration in this serious matter . Marita Vinci

    1. Marita – thank you for sharing your story. What’s happening to you is not right or fair, and thanks for all you do to fight for your community.

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