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“The forbearance and foreclosure prevention bill has been a lifesaver for us. 6 1/2 years later we are still not home and have been struggling to pull together the necessary funding to rebuild our home while tackling the many obstacles that have come up along the way. Thankfully, because of the relief provided by the forbearance program, we’ve been able to survive and hang on as we continue fighting our way towards recovery (without the overwhelming worry about losing our home to foreclosure). Before getting into the program two years ago, we were ready to just walk away and lose everything because the daily struggle was so hard. We saw no end in sight. The few hundred dollars we have been able to free up each month with mortgage forbearance was literally what made all the difference in being able to stay and fight to get back home.” – Nancy C., Waretown

“The only relief in 6 1/2+ years trying to get home was the forbearance/foreclosure program which gave me breathing and financial space to get my Sandy wrecked house finished and me back home. It’s been a Godsend to help me get the work done (fixing it for the 7th time due to unforeseen issues), but if the forbearance program is not reinstated, I will not be able to finish and the house will go into foreclosure. All that time work money etc for naught. I’m not a deadbeat scamming the system I will pay back my mortgage (as I was doing after Sandy). Please vote yes for the extension and get me home. Thank you.” – Tricia M., Brick

“I am currently in the forbearance program and still not back on my feet financially which might not ever happen but I don’t even have my C/O.  Luckily I’m under the roof, I’m back in. An extension would help me get back on my feet and pay off my debts on the Storm: tax-wise, mortgage-wise, etc. 1000 people are still not home so we’re not talking a large number of people. Banks and their profit margins are so huge to begin with, I’m sure they can manage to just extend people. They’re going to end up getting the money anyway at the end of the mortgage or on the sale of the home.” – Joe K., Manahawkin

“People really don’t understand what we are going through until they hear the heartbreaking stories of homeowners that have been through the mill due to no fault of their own. We shouldn’t have to beg for disaster related help, but I will because I’ve been doing it for almost 7 years now.  Do what you promised when Sandy was fresh in the minds of all. Just do the right thing and help us get home!” – Beth T., Ventnor

“I am still not home, and continue to struggle to find financial means for each draw on my project, I have had to continue paying taxes , home-owner’s and flood insurance!! My lot needs to be kept clean so the city will not fine me again. Many permits needed to be redone taking more time. The forbearance program has been so helpful. I don’t think I will be in my home before the time given by my mortgage company. Please protect our Sandy families from any further burden and worry. It has been so many years and too many battles. ” – Marita V., Absecon

“We are currently in this program and it expires at the end of June. This is finally done after fighting our mortgage company for a year-and-a-half to acknowledge it. So for us to have this expire right now would not be good. We don’t want to have to fight our mortgage company all over again. Please help us. This has been so helpful, I’m trying to get our house redone and having funds to do so.” – Carol F., Ocean Grove

We support this current bill:

A5096/S3582:  Extends mortgage protections to Sandy families who might otherwise face foreclosure or who cannot afford to get home.  We passed this law in 2014, but unfortunately, the mortgage forbearance expires this June and many families are still struggling.  We hope to pass this bill as soon as possible and extend protections for three years, until the Sandy 10 year anniversary).

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  1. Randall Wintjen

    Iam in foreclosure now and don’t have a sale date as of yet but it is got to be very close need help also got kickec out of rrem program i have everything to lose so i guess i will be paying back this grant for the rest of my life what joke and no body has no idea whats happening down at the shord to sandy victims over and over the black cloud of sandy continues on wtf someone save me please
    Randall wintjen little egg harbor twp

  2. John Passarella

    I received a certificate of eligibility from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs on July 1, 2019 that clearly states ANY INSTITUTION SERVICING A MORTGAGE OF AN INDIVIDUAL IN RECEIPT OF THIS CERTIFICATION IS OBLIGATED UNDER NEW JERSEY LAW TO GRANT A PERIOD OF FORBEARANCE. Yet, Carrington Mortgage LLC. and Wilmington Savings Fund Society completely ignored this law and went ahead with a foreclosure action on my home which led to a sheriff sale that resulted in me getting an eviction notice that is scheduled for February 10, 2020! To anyone in your organization, PLEASE HELP ME STOP THIS BLATANT VIOLATION OF THE LAW SO I CAN KEEP MY HOME!

  3. John Passarella

    Can you’re organization put me in touch with above mentioned? Carol F. of Ocean Grove, Marita V. of Absecon, Beth T. of Ventor, Joe K. of Manahawken, Triscia M. of Brick, Nancy of Waretown, along with Nancy and Tony in the photograph so I can be better advised on how they got the banks to obey this law?

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